Free The Honey ‘Fine Bloom’


04_CD_Free The Honey

Free The Honey

Fine Bloom


4 out of 5 Stars

The vintage folk group Free The Honey says that their debut full-length is a “perfect companion to the changing of seasons in nature and life.” While the Gunnison-based group was probably speaking thematically when it came up with that line, it’s a description that also perfectly conveys the band’s rich sound. Despite the very bluegrass instrumentation of Free The Honey, the band’s music is much more autumnal folk than it is summery bluegrass. Produced by Uncle Earl’s K.C. Groves, the album shows a young group precisely playing music rooted in centuries ago styles, but with a relaxed approachability that makes it seem as if they’ve been at this for decades. The album culminates with the absolutely exquisite a capella “Come Up To The Mountain” that allows the group’s three female leaders to drop their instruments and showcase their powerful harmonic prowess.


Walnut Room | October 9

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