De Collage ‘Psycholodge’



De Collage


It’s difficult to tell if the band name or the album name is more indicative of the music contained within. On the three-track EP, producer Reed Fuchs, who recorded, mixed and mastered the entire project, seems to be quite literally making a collage of psych with his team of cosmic explorers. Weaving together a vast array of genres into a tapestry of sounds heavy on experimental psych, Fuchs and company paint an insanely trippy montage on the tracks that range from “Gotta Good Thing Going Pt 1,” to the sixties pop inspired sound of “:) (Semicolon Parenthesis).” The release was through Moon Magnet’s Lunadrifter custom app, which couples the ambient, spacey songs with equally visually out-there fractals and heady images that the user/listener can manipulate sonically and optically on the fly.

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