Jessica Eppler ‘The Perennial Pattern’


02_Jessica Eppler

Jessica Eppler

The Perennial Pattern

Jessica Eppler has been prolific of late. Over the course of the last few years she’s churned out a multitude of releases as a solo artist, as half of the Longmont duo The Prairie Scholars and in one case, a split album that was half her and half the band.

But for her latest Eppler does away with everything except her piano. While her voice is front and center in almost everything else she does, Eppler decided to just play on this latest release of hers, and the result is an album perfect for a snowy morning cup of coffee. From the gorgeous opener “The Blossoms Reemerge” to the delicate “First Snow” to the  more bouncing “Lazy Spring Swing” Eppler goes through a range of emotions and themes with her piano, telling stories, describing scenes and painting contrasts, and her voice is seldom missed.

Skeye Brewing | December 2

The Roost | December 12

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