Joel Ansett ‘The Nature of Us’


04_Joel Ansett

Joel Ansett

The Nature of Us

A beautiful a cappella piece of music welcomes listeners to Joel Ansett’s debut full-length The Nature of Us. As the vocals are joined by snaps, and then a kick drum “Kingdom Come” opens up to a bouncing folk pop sound for the Seattle to Denver transplant, who has released several EPs in the past.

While much of the material could be stripped down to simple singer/songwriter acoustic numbers, Ansett is joined by a host of studio musicians who together with a rich production approach make The Nature of Us sound like it’s immediately ready for silver screen soundtracks. Smooth crescendos become mountainous climaxes with a clean sonicness that borders on perfection. Simple bass lines sound like they’ve been run through a gaggle of subs, not to imply however that they’re harsh, just full. Ansett put forth a polished showpiece on his debut.

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