Plum ‘Light Years, Dark Years EP’




Light Years, Dark Years EP

When Plum references ’60s and ’70s psychedelic rock as their main aesthetic, many might conjure ideas of jammy noodlers exploring musical dimensions. Plum is a bit heady, for sure, but they focus more on the rock side of that trippy DNA, and never, not even for a second, on Light Years, Dark Years, do they noodle.

With reverb-soaked everything and a power trio make-up, the Denver psych rockers certainly come off more like Cream than they do the Grateful Dead, but Plum also has that sort of poppy feel that Pink Floyd had on even some of their most psychedelic tracks (see: the vocals of “Lucifer Sam” or “Matilda Mother”).

Plum says that their sound is like an old kaleidoscope pointed at the present and it could be one of the most honest and spot on self-descriptions a band has ever made of their own music. They continue to hit the nail on the head, when they say that the band is centered around velvet vocals, hallucinatory harmonies, and prismatic guitars that create soundtracks for daydreams. Despite a production that seems as if it came from a massively outfitted British studio, Plum self-recorded this EP in their living room, and has already started writing and recording their next group of songs, which they hope to release as an EP next spring.

hi-dive | December 11

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