Falchemist starts its self-titled LP with a familiar sounding indie swagger coupled with an alt-rock delivery. But just when it seems like the rest of the record is a foregone conclusion, the Denver quartet begins peeling off additional themes, layers and melodies which continually introduce other dimensions to the group’s varied sound.

Midway through the album’s second track, a horn section bursts in with a Cosmo Kramer-style entrance. Then there’s the heavy, almost kaleidoscopic organ of “Credence,” and the damn-near heavy metal opening of “Up In The Fuzz Tree,” and the almost Rage Against the Machine ending. With each song  Falchemist reveals another chapter in the group’s experimental sound. It’s sometimes jazzy, sometimes almost ska-like and other times psychedelic or perfectly melodic — not too far off from some Flaming Lips material.


Larimer Lounge | January 14

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