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Soft Skulls

Soft Skulls

Founded last year by Jim McTurnan of Cat-A-Tac, Soft Skulls’ self-titled release is full of songs that perfectly match KEXP’s description of the group — “blissful pop songs that wear a snarl.”

The band’s first gigs were the hi-dive’s annual Garage Fest and the UMS, and McTurnan’s vast indie rock pedigree that stretches from work with The Black Angels to Lou Barlow to Cold War Kids, means that the debut EP doesn’t suck at all.

Alongside McTurnan is a dream-team of other Denver ass-kickers. Tyler Campo, formerly of Cowboy Curse, Port au Prince and Gun Street Ghost handles bass, and Madison Lucas of Mr. Majestyk’s 8-Track Revival and formerly of Fever Dream and a slew of other groups plays drums, while Robin Lucas of Citizen Dan, and also a former member of Fever Dream plays guitar.

With that roster Soft Skulls makes a perfect, direct and abrupt entrance for themselves over four songs.

Be brief, be great, be gone.


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