Andy Thomas’ Dust Heart ‘Reckless Abandonment’


04_CD_Andy Thomas Dust Heart

Andy Thomas’ Dust Heart

Reckless Abandonment

It may be only four songs, but the latest, exclusive 10” EP from Andy Thomas’ Dust Heart is as full as a double LP.

Thomas, a member of Denver rockers The Knew and acoustic-y punk group Tin Horn Prayer began playing solo years ago, but since he said there are so many folks who share his name, he gave his solo project a full band name. Now that solo endeavor has grown into a full group behind the name and Reckless Abandonment has nary a hint of solo work, and all but screams big, grimy pedal steel Americana-rock band. The group features Thomas’ Knew bandmate Tyler Breuer on guitar and pedal steel, drummer Rob Burleson, bassist Chuck Coffey and mandolin player Cole Rudy, in addition to vocalist/accordianist Jen GaNun, whose soft harmonies give the petinaed surface of Thomas’ songs a soft, delicate and slightly polished feel.

The flushed-out porch music that Thomas and company put forth ranges from the acoustic stripped-down sound of the title track to the raucous, encore-ready anthemic “Mad To Live.” Thomas as always had a penchant for making big rock and roll sounds with acoustic instrumentation and for Reckless Abandonment he seems to have found a balance of blistering as well as delicate stories, and that magic makes every turn on the record a wickedly-fun exploration.

Syntax Physic Opera | April 23


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