Courier ‘The Courier GT’




The Courier GT

With a soulful Miles Davis-like trumpet part and a flawless, cascading flow, Fort Collins-based hip-hop artist Courier opens his new The Courier GT with astounding grace and power combined. Followed by a goofy “skit” and then an exquisite piano piece  by Courier “TCGT (Interlude),” GT explores a range of jazz, hip-hop and soulful, spiritual and mindful rap.

Courier’s rhymes are solid and his delivery of them is as smooth as can be. The interludes he uses throughout the record harken back to the days of full-length rap albums that tell a conceptual story and if Courier’s story telling stays on point like this he’ll be able to add chapter after chapter to this tale.

The Moon Room @ Summit Music Hall| April 21

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