PHOTOS: Record Store Day – Twist & Shout – 04/16/2016


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April 16, 2016

Photos and Words by Dan Page

The line stared at 2:00 a.m. Friday when Seth Williams made his way to Twist & Shout after finishing his security duties at Cervantes.  The snow may have delayed the line from forming but at opening it wrapped around the block.

“Phish is out!” was yelled by the staff  a few minutes after opening. The Phish release was an early sell-out leaving many in line to wish they had gotten there earlier. Many customers filled there arms and bags with the limited release vinyl.  Others added a cd, shirt or some pop-culture “stuff” to their vinyl before they checked out.

If a line is not your thing head to Twist and Shout this week to pick up something new for your turn table.

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