Rocky Mountain Folks Festival


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Rocky Mountain Folks Festival

Planet Bluegrass Ranch – Lyons, CO

August 19 – 21

The Rocky Mountain Folks Festival — ‘Folks Fest,’ if you’re into the whole brevity thing — really cares about that “s” on the end of “folk.” While it has some folkie acts, for sure, the whole idea behind the festival, which turns 26 years old this year, was to emphasize the community feeling of the gathering. It’s not a folk festival, but a festival for the folks. As such, the music each year at Folks Fest can change pretty drastically.

  • You’re going there to see: The Decemberists, Lucinda Williams, Passenger
  • You’re going to come home talking about: Dougie MacLean, Cheryl Wheeler, Darlingside

Travel Time:
Denver to Planet Bluegrass Ranch
58 minutes
51 miles

Accommodations: Multiple camping options are available and those who opt for on-site should read up on the camping line policy. This is not ‘Nam. There are rules.

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