The Drunken Hearts ‘Love & Thirst’


05_CD_The Drunken Hearts

The Drunken Hearts

Love & Thirst


Colorado’s The Drunken Hearts weave all over the highway of Americana, as if they irresponsibly drove away from a Fourth of July party after too many trips to the keg.

On their new EP Love and Thirst — produced by Grammy winner Rob Eaton of Dark Star Orchestra and recorded at both Immersive Studios in Boulder and Silo Sound Studios in Denver — the band veers to the left of jam-inspired Americana, such as Hard Working Americans with tracks like “Happy” and screeches to the right of greasier Americana acts like Lucero with songs like “Want You Back.”

With soaring guitar work by chief songwriter Andrew McConathy and Eaton, The Drunken Hearts manage to side-swipe both of those sub-genres, leaving tell-tale paint and parts all over the road.


Campout For The Cause | June 5

Bluebird Theater | June 30

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