The Haunted Windchimes ‘Rattle Your Bones’


01_CD_Haunted Windchimes

The Haunted Windchimes

Rattle Your Bones


Not since the famous “Down To The River To Pray”  in O’Brother Where Art Thou have voices harmonized so gorgeously on a river  gospel song.

“River Song,” the second track on The Haunted Windchimes new LP Rattle Your Bones isn’t indicative of the whole album. Elsewhere, like on the track “Dead and Gone” there are country-heavy Telecaster licks, and “Banjo and the Bottle” has a gritty resonator echo of Americana but is a tender, swampy, ballad.

But that “River Song,” though? That’s just pure gold, a band embracing a simple melody and harmonizing it to heavenly heights.

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