Open To the Hound ‘Way of the Critter’


06_CD_Open To The Hound

Open To the Hound

Way of the Critter

The fuzzy post-rock introduction of “(water)” on Open to the Hound’s newest EP Way of the Critter exemplifies what the band refers to as “wilderness rock.” In fact, the four parenthetical interludes “(water),” “(air),” “(fire),” and “(earth)” could easily stand alone as their own EP of cavernous, triumphant, yet gentle, instrumental rock. Intertwined with those tracks are three solid indie-rock tracks that pay as much homage to The Cure as they do to The Black Angels — droney, dirty, and expansive rock and roll. The juxtaposition of the interludes in contrast to the vocalized songs offer breathing room for both entities, with the instrumentals setting the stage for the lyricized tracks and the vocals keeping the instrumentals from getting too heavy on their own.


The Pit Stop Tavern | July 8

Syntax Physic Opera | July 24

The UMS | July 28-31


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