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shark dreams


On their Facebook page the Fort Collins/Denver quintet jokingly refers to their genre as “guns n roses,” but the description doesn’t have anything to do with Axl. The synth-heavy dream pop group keeps it psychedelic and spacey on the opener “EZPZ,” but the EP never just floats in that realm. Instead shark dreams weaves in and out of that space (almost as if they’re coming down from a heady trip) drifting back and forth between direct, pointed pop rock (the guns) and levitating, trippy synth pop (the roses). On the track “My White Noise,” voluptuous harmonies are undercut by a crescendoing fuzzed-out guitar. It’s a bit like The Young Sinclairs joining forces with The Brian Jonestown Massacre and it’s a striking, enthralling combination.

Surfside 7 | August 4

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