Total Flower Chaos ‘Roses’


02_CD_Total Flower Chaos

Total Flower Chaos


Denver singer/songwriter Rob Roper started writing music for his all-instrumental blues-rock alter-ego Total Flower Chaos several years ago. The musician, who went back to school last year at Metro State to learn more about his craft has put forth a collection of tracks that sound like they should be blasting out of a pair of 6” x 9” speakers in an old muscle car. The album, and for that matter the entire project is another in a litany of personas for Roper, who also plays as Scupanon, his singer/songwriter band, and as a solo artist, acoustically and otherwise. Roses sees the guitarist ripping through classic retro rock instrumentals with unique accents peppered throughout by guest musicians, like the wailing pedal steel as well as the delicate classical guitar provided by Ben Waligoske. The five-song EP comes across like the soundtrack of an epic seventies Grindhouse picture car chase.

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