Verses The Inevitable – All Debts Paid


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Verses The Inevitable

All Debts Paid

With a raw, musty roadhouse swagger, heavy on harmonica and the percussive right hand acoustic guitar work of Daniel Hertel, the Denver-based blues band Verses The Inevitable kicks off All Debts Paid with a raspy, blues rumble that sounds like it came more from the bayou than it did from the Mile High City. Hertel explained that the theme of the album is that it’s never too late to make real changes in your life. “For me, personally, I have spent the last few years paying my debt for the bad choices I made in my past,” Hertel wrote in a description of the album. “This album is a turning point for me and holds true to the fact that all my debts have been paid.” That redemptive quality gives even the sadder tracks on the record an uplifting spirit and makes All Debts Paid a chin-up, you-can-do-it testimonial.

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