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The low rumble of a fat kick drum, a loose bass line and the bright accents of a twangy Telecaster give the opening moments of Foxfeather’s self-titled full-length a classy, velvety, red wine warmth and richness. When vocalist Carly Ricks Smith starts singing the Boulder quintet presents their sultry new folk that seems to blend the stories of singer/songwriter acoustic material with flavorful accompaniment that draws equally from the storied history of jazz and blues.

Smith’s voice sits front and center on the majority of the album, but is given the opportunity by the reinforced foundation of the group which includes the supporting vocals and acoustic guitar work of Laura Paige Stratton, the subtle brilliance of Ian Hendrick’s lead guitar work, the full and round upright bass playing of Patrick Coleman and the drums and percussion provided by Ben Batchelor. The group’s ability to continually pass attention from one nuance to another is highlighted on every track of the album, and makes the self-titled work a posh, sumptuous and ultimately collaborative effort.

Lefthand Brewing | October 1

The Walnut Room | October 21

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