Orbit Service ‘Stereo Magic (portal in 13 parts)’


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Orbit Service

Stereo Magic (portal in 13 parts)

There’s a distinct possibility that listening to Stereo Magic might make one develop unhealthy levels of attachment to their headphones. The surreally beautiful, futuristic soundscape album of spacey electronics is packed with subtle nuances and ambient drones that can make even relatively crappy headphones shine. While there’s not a lot of vocals, when Orbit Service’s Oz behind the curtain Randall Frazier does sing, it ads another complex layer on the already Jenga-like tower of sonic textures. Orbit Service’s label Beta-lactam Ring Records explains on their website that Stereo Magic should be “filed under electronic psychedelia bliss with a dash of good ole loner psych bedroom weirdness.” It’s funny and pretty damn fitting, but to cast this off as ‘weirdness,’ even for the sake of humor, would be to miss the incredibly opulent sounds here, and the meditative characteristics of this impeccable, admirable soundscape.

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