Chain Station ‘Where I Want To Be’


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Chain Station

Where I Want To Be

As effortlessly as they switch between G, C and D chords, Chain Station also slides between contemporary and traditional bluegrass and on their latest album Where I Want To Be the 2016 Telluride Bluegrass Festival band competition finalists do so with a confidence of a band with more than a few miles behind them. With a focus on the bluegrass fundamentals of timing and harmony, Chain Station puts forth a collection of tracks that give nod to the Colorado high country as much as it does to the blue hills of Appalachia. “Hit The Road” kicks off the album and highlights the banjo-driven swiftness of the group, before “Poor Man’s Fight” slows down that pace and shines a spotlight on the band’s harmonies.  From the picking acrobatics of “No Contest” to the Colorado-loving track “Find Your Own,” Chain Station flexes the muscles it’s been building over the last six years, and they’re looking pretty ripped.

Swing Station | November 5

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