Shady Elders ‘Inside Voices’


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Shady Elders
Inside Voices

On their most diverse work to date Denver’s Shady Elders hit a stride that elevates their dreamy indie-pop to another level that’s loftier, lighter and somehow deeper all at once.

Inside Voices opens with “XXIX” which re-introduces guitarist/ vocalist Fox Rodemich’s gorgeous, haunting voice. “Naked Parade” has an indie, surf/spy-rock soundtrack feel, which coupled with Rodemich’s echoey vocals makes the song sound as if it’s a collaboration with Denver indie luminaries Snake Rattle Rattle Snake.

The album’s title track, which comes at the tail end of the LP, is one of the band’s best works to date. Incorporating entrancing down-tempo rhythms and reverb-flushed vocals, the song comes off, at least musically, like a lost track from The Cure’s Disintegration, or at least what Spiderman would have listened to while having Robert Smith for dinner tonight.

Syntax Physic Opera | February 17

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