Various Artists ‘madelife: Collective Vol. 3’


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Various Artists
madelife: Collective Vol. 3

Now in its third installment, madelife — which hosts the intensely immersive and foreward thinking Creative Accelerator Program in Boulder — has put forth another compilation of diverse tracks of local artists and musicians who passed through the collaborative space.

From the ethereal ambience of Yeta’s “Rocker” to the island bounce of “Rebound” by Wilson Harwood, which work together to open the collection, to the psychedelic mash-up of J.L. Kanes’ “Everyday New” and the sweet, low-fi strumming of Cece Russell’s “Ruby Tenderly,” the compilation overflows with a mix of uber-artsy, hella-creative, cutting-edge efforts. The compilation — which will be unveiled this month at madelife with a few of the artists on hand — is so inclusive and diverse, that as a full collection the album is a bit schizophrenic, but the sequencing allows for the collection to smoothly reveal each chapter and celebrate the differences in the songs rather than haphazardly jumbling the tracks together. It makes for a solid playlist.

madelife | February 3

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