Campout for the Cause


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Campout for the Cause
The Meadows – Buena Vista, CO
June 2 – 4

In its ninth year Campout for the Cause is moving to new grounds, and in many ways returning to its roots. Campout has always prided itself on being the most authentic and rejuvenating festival, a place where the party is secondary to the purpose of the event. Campout spouts the tagline “No walls, no boundaries, no corporate sponsors, no negative vibes and no inhibitions.” In this incarnation, the festival is going to take the step of circling the wagons, and bringing the Campout family in for a tight, intimate huddle. They will cap ticket sales at only 400 people this year and, in their new location, they will gather for the music, but put a much bigger emphasis on the environmental and social activism that has always been the “cause” behind the Campout.

Lineup: Trout Steak Revival, Grant Farm, Bonfire Dub, Andy Falco, We Dream Dawn, Kim Fuller, Mama Magnolia, Rockin’ on the Dead, Jay Starling, Ramona, The Good Time Travelers, Alpha King Knight and more

Distance from Denver: 124 miles

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