RapidGrass Bluegrass Festival


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RapidGrass Bluegrass Festival
Shelly/Quinn Fields – Idaho Springs, CO
June 23 – 25

Think of it as a farm-to-table music festival. Rapidgrass Bluegrass Festival isn’t Applebee’s, trying to crank through a few hundred tables per night. Instead, its crowd is limited, and thus the “chefs” can give painstaking attention to the details of the intimate mountain festival, a very short drive from Denver.

Lineup: Rapidgrass, Head for the Hills, Trout Steak Revival, Matt Flinner Trio feat. Darol Anger & Tony Trischka, Coral Creek, Gipsy Moon, Phoebe Hunt and the Gatherers, Moors & McCumber, Bonfire Dub with Bridget Law, Alex & Tatiana Hargreaves, Thunder & Rain, The Lonesome Days, Masontown, Caribou Mountain Collective, Robinson Davis Duo, Mayhem Gulch, Burn It Blue, Billy Cardine & North of Too Far Down, Sarah Morris, Jon Wirtz & Holy Smoke

Distance from Denver: 34 miles

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