Avifauna ‘The Gyre’


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The Gyre

An insanely deep, and often dark and honest love letter to Mother Earth, Avifauna’s The Gyre is a dreampop narrative of intense emotion and a topical call to action for the future of our planet. Centered around the angelic vocals of Meagen Svendsen, the electro-folk, shoegaze provides a grand canvas for Avifauna to paint it’s rather bleak, but completely real picture of the state of Earth. On the track “Sparrows” Svendsen sings of the birds, waiting with baited breath, “they’re scared to death.” And on “Path of Pronghorn” she couldn’t put it more bluntly, when she repeats the line “We are in decline.” Despite the somber outlook though, the message isn’t one that throws up its hands in despair, but rather asks to join other hands to move everyone forward. So, right after Svendsen sings “We are in decline,” she adds, “Won’t you help me find a way.”

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