The Digital Connection ‘PortalFace’


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The Digital Connection

Producer Ricky Shine, who performs under the moniker The Digital Connection, cites Nintendo music and space as major influences, but his new EP PortalFace is fucking light years beyond even the best 8-bit tracks of yesteryear. From the initial bass drop on the title track to the wicked sound effects in “Loser” that sound as if they were recorded right in the center of a futuristic race track, the EP throws heaps of dubstep, glitch-hop and drums and bass at listeners, but balances it with a downtempo openness that allows all of those trippy noises to sink in and rattle around a bit. “Shaka” is a trunk-lid rattler meant for the slow cruise, whereas “Bludgeon” sets a scratchy, dark club vibe. It’s that diversity that keeps PortalFace intense, interesting and intriguing.

Alchemy Arts and Events | June 3

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