Lost Walks ‘Wolf, Woman, Man’


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Lost Walks
Wolf, Woman, Man

What would it look like if some of Denver’s best musicians, banded together to perform an intricate rock opera?

It’d look like Lost Walks.

Spearheaded by the insultingly prolific Denver songwriter/guitarist and Tin Horn Prayer alumni Andy Thomas, Lost Walks is essentially a musical novel, or high-concept album and Wolf, Woman, Man is a narrative and cohesive story that tells the tale of a couple that moves into a desolate mountain region and ultimately faces challenges from the elements, each other and a lone, injured wolf.

Thomas, who just last month released No Poets for his other project Andy Thomas’ Dust Heart, is joined by a slew of Denver bad-asses that bring the dark tale to life including Jen GaNun (Andy Thomas’ Dust Heart); Dameon Merkl (Bad Luck City); Trent Nelson (Strange Americans); David Thomas Bailey (Faceman) Kelly O’Dea (Bad Luck City, Tarantella); Chad Johnson (Slim Cessna’s Auto Club, Munly and the Lupercalians, Tarantella).

That cast of characters as well as the songwriting teamwork of Thomas and wife GaNun make Wolf, Woman, Man a great collection of tracks, many of which could stand on their own, but as a whole work to create a masterful bit of storytelling that is both a page turner and an entertaining musical narrative.

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