Tennis ‘We Can Die Happy’


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We Can Die Happy

With their acid-washed, high-waisted, no-pocket jeans hoisted high, Tennis is continuing its already prolific year with a five-song EP that picks up where their spring 2017 release Yours Conditionally left off.

The retro dance-pop duo and husband-wife team of Alaina Moore and Patrick Riley stated in a press release that accompanied the EP, “Every album represents something foundational to our lives during the time of its creation. Yours Conditionally was about extricating ourselves from an industry that made us feel joyless and restrained. After a successful campaign that involved starting our own label and learning how to record on our own, We Can Die Happy finds us on the other side of that leap of faith, reveling in the sense of freedom and control we’ve found in our work.”

She added that We Can Die Happy in some ways, ties up the loose ends left over from Yours Conditionally. Moore explained “While making the track list for Yours Conditionally, a couple of songs didn’t seem to fit. One song, “I Miss That Feeling,” had been giving me trouble for months. The concept came to me after I noticed the way that certain physiological aspects of anxiety could be read as feelings of pleasure when presented as a list, without context.” That track with its nods to 70’s soft rock, and the echoey surf psychedelia of “Building God” and its sing-songy “I can change” refrain show some of the most approachable and unpretentious songs of Tennis’ career.

Ogden Theatre | January 6

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