Northside Festival


Northside Festival
Brooklyn, NY
June 7 – 10

MIKAL, Liz Phair, Deerhoof, OSHUN, Erica Eso, Bambara, Kiani Del Valle, Standing on the Corner, Bodega Satellite, Services, Nnamdi Ogbonnaya, La Luz, Soccer Mommy, THICK, DJ Delish, Carla dal Forno, Rubber Band Gun, Dead Stars, Barrie, Potted Plant, The Sediment Club, Sleepies, Dreamcrusher, Lea Bertucci, The Rizzos, Kississippi, Ryan Power, Kolb, Gleemer, Marilu Donovan, Time Wharp, Parlor Walls, Gunks, Grim Streaker, The Ferdy Mayne, Fat Heaven, Too Many Zooz, Madison McFerrin, Public Practice, Snail Mail, Tredici Bacci, Kalbells, The Next Great American Novelist, Clebs, Kenny Truhn, Elle Barbara’s Black Space, Sam Evian, Bell Curve, Irreversible Entanglements, CHURCHBURN, Jana Rush, Katie Gately, Disposable, Common Holly, Teen Body, Lou Tides, Sixteen Jackies, Shelter Dogs, NO ICE, Ratas En Zelo, Protomartyr, Outer Heaven, Blushed, Weaves, Wisdom, Jeff Parker & The New Breed, Shy Layers, Cloud Becomes Your Hand, Skinless, The Coax, Katie von Schleicher, Have Mercy, Low Anxiety, No Swoon, Tripp Jones, SIGNAL, HNRY FLWR, Tess Roby, Dru Cutler, Neck, Painted Faces, Qasim Naqvi, Glass Slipper, MANEKA, Mouton, TK The Architect, Sammus, Remote Control, Palmbomen II x E.S.P. TV, Caspian, CARE, Nighttime, Clams Casino, Mezzanine Swimmers, Candy Ambulance, Buck Meek, Dirty Fences, Super American, Secret Nudist Friends, Madam West, Sloppy Jane, Mndsgn, Tony Seltzer, Makaya McCraven, Old Gray, Eyes of Love, Gustaf, Flasher, Cerce, Primal Rite, I Kill Giants, Cereal Banter, Lionlimb, Russian Baths, milo, Busy Bee Project, BEARCAT, Tmboy, Yaman Palak, Active Bird Community, Dehd, Men I Trust, Buck Gooter, Megg Farrell, Dear Nora, Sixes, Empath, Chynna, Spelling, Lily and Horn Horse, The Night Screams, Ought, GYMSHORTS, Peaer

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