Dolphinhawk & Purple Lightning Bolts


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Dolphinhawk & Purple Lightning Bolts
Dolphinhawk & Purple Lightning Bolts

Drenched in serene late ’60s psychedelic folk melodies, harmonies, themes and art, Boulder’s DolphinHawk & Purple Lightning Bolts is a hefty dose of liquid lysergic folk.

Founded by multi-instrumentalist Levi Marinucci, who is accompanied by vocalist Katherine Breen, the dreamy blend of guitar, vibraphone, light percussion, occasional flute and hypnotic sounds of nature, paint a vivid picture that seems like a page out of Peter Max’s famously trippy sketchbook — a picture that the band hopes “inspires states of wonder, joy, magic and peace.”

Made “with the intention to calm and soothe” the songs on this, their self-titled debut, attempt to connect people with the natural world. Marinucci said of the album “I think of those who may not spend much time in nature, if any at all, those that have never sat with the ocean or heard the rattling of aspen leaves; and those already established nature lovers, they can enjoy all the same a gentle set of songs. Matters of the heart are a recurring presence in my lyrics, so are matters of wonder. I am so inspired that I am alive on this earth, living in the vastness of the cosmos, and this inspiration is often what drives my songs.”

Laughing Goat | October 1 and November 23

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