Whitacre ‘Within the Mountains’ Shadows’


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Within the Mountains’ Shadows

Whitacre call themselves a folk-rock band, but the fact of the matter is that they’re a rock band that happens to have some banjo and knows how to incorporate layered harmonies — but they’re a rock band first and foremost.

Whitacre formed in 2017 and shortly after releasing their debut single they went on the road with Wilderado and supported Mt. Joy — which helped them to garner huge numbers of streams on that track “Set Me Free” and their follow-up single “Some Days” which they put out in March of 2018.

Now, with their debut EP Within the Mountains’ Shadows Whitacre has a moment to stretch their arms and put forth their Americana-laden rock. But they don’t dawdle. The record, produced by Joe Richmond (Tennis), has a “be good, be gone” sort of approach to it — five solid songs that gives more than enough foundation as to who and what Whitacre is, with ample room in that foundation for the group to build upon as they grow.

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