Knuckle Pups ‘San Panino’


Knuckle Pups
San Panino

Infectious happy pop — Prozac pop, if you will — the big sing-along, clap-along kind, that gets entire audiences loudly engaged and enthralled, forgetting the world’s problems for a moment is crucial at this juncture. And Knuckle Pups adds a heap of adorableness to it all for good measure. For Christ sake, their press photo is a cuddle fest with the band members and an entire litter of Golden Retriever puppies!

Falling from Wild Baby Records, the same Denver tree that previously produced the orchestral pop ensemble Mega Gem, Knuckle Pups starts where Mega Gem left off with this debut four-song cassette of melodic indie-punk tracks.

Principle songwriter, Oliver Holloway, crafts contemplative, yet playful lyrics, sung over thick vocal harmonies on top of catchy song structures. The calculated arrangements of the band serve as an emotional reflection of the raw lyrical subjects and visceral imagery. The songs effortlessly traverse between sweet indie-pop hooks to swelling punk crescendos.

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