Espresso! ‘Black & White’


Black & White

Espresso! brings mature, acoustic Gypsy jazz and American swing as diverse as it is unique and strong as it is soft and subtle on their debut release Black & White.

The 14 selections on this project show the depth of skill these veteran musicians have been delivering for decades through other projects. Time travel and geography become strangely connected to the lyrics and melodies on Black & White. One song transports listeners on a trip through Paris and the next takes them to a speakeasy in Brooklyn.

The interplay between clarinet, mandolin, and Gypsy style guitar is the showpiece of the quartet who deliver vocal pieces (in French and English).

Chanteuse Emily Reynolds heads up the outfit and shines on rhythm guitar and vocals. Bill Pontarelli handles both clarinet and vocals, while Jordan Ramsey, 2016 National Mandolin Champion, is featured on mandolin and vocals. Guitarist Alexios Anest sears through explosive leads in the Django style, and rounding out the saucy sound is Duane Webster on stand-up bass and vocals.

Cheese Importers | Feb. 1
Caffé Sole | Feb. 8
Laughing Goat | Feb. 12
K9 Club and Taproom | Feb. 22

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