Derek DeMuth ‘A Different Wavelength’


Derek DeMuth
A Different Wavelength

The live-looping musician can do marvelous things onstage all by themselves, creating layers that no single human could accomplish without the use of that technology.

Derek DeMuth’s latest album A Different Wavelength, appears to be another record in this DIY genre, but the astounding thing about this recording is that DeMuth isn’t a looper — at least not here. Despite a rich, deep and varied songscape which sounds like it’s cut from the same cloth, DeMuth actually plays every track on one guitar with no loops and no overdubs. “I can play each of the songs live with them sounding exactly as they do on the EP,” DeMuth said.

It’s a remarkable accomplishment to get that many simultaneous and varied sounds from one instrument, all at one time. From finger-picked melodic rolls, percussive raps, taps and knocks, strummed chords, and resonating harmonics, DeMuth wraps around his guitar entirely like a twisted vine. He doesn’t focus on the neck, he uses every part of the instrument to cast forth his spell of sounds, and does so with such apparent ease that he creates a style that’s part EDM, part acoustic guitar.

A Different Wavelength is on the cutting edge of my 17-year journey through music, guitar playing and composition,” said DeMuth, who was recently chosen to be a contestant at the Fingerstyle Collective Guitar Competition in Arkansas later this year. “I wanted to make something that was trail-blazing while still being musical and enjoyable to listen to.

The entire album was created by me (composition, recording, editing, mixing and mastering). I even did the album artwork from a selfie I took in Peru, 2018.”

Band on the Bricks Boulder | July 3

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