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Project 432

Project 432 identifies themselves as a reggae, rock fusion group, but the five-piece’s latest album Passenger takes those genres and uses them as cliff-like jumping off points to delve deep into other styles.

From the obvious reggae-flavored tracks like “Belive” and “No More” Project 432 leans heavily on the dub scene with “Crosseyed” and drops flavors of chill downtempo electronica on Chromesthetic. That diversity of sound gives Passenger a wider appeal with a mountains-via-the-islands sound that is sophisticated, not just a college dorm soundtrack.

Established in 2016 the group’s 2017 debut album The Science of Numbers reached an astounding #3 on the Billboard Reggae Chart and #8 on the iTunes Reggae Chart.

The band went through a bit of a regime change after The Science of Numbers, getting a new bass player and keyboard player. But remaining true to the stylistic roots that they have cultivated, the new additions have added elements of electronic, and jam music that wasn’t as apparent on the first album.

With Passenger the band takes a Dude-like approach to the strikes and gutters of life, explaining that the record’s premise is “that it is best to go with the ebb and flow of life.” “Every song on Passenger has a theme of growth and change through growth, something Project 432 has seen in spades since the last album,” the group said in a statement. “The album in whole is a reminder that in life, things will be as they are, sometimes good sometimes bad. It’s acceptable to be affected by both sides of this fact, but it is unacceptable to forego growth in the name of comfort or pain.”

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