James Tate Wilson ‘Dancing On The Moon’


James Tate Wilson
Dancing On The Moon

While James Tate Wilson has spent the better part of the last decade in the music industry playing in bands around Los Angeles, the now Denver-based wandering troubadour is taking a leap forward by going solo, and in doing so, stepping out into uncharted territory for himself.

With a voice that gives nod to the distinctive legend Jimmy Dale Gilmore, Wilson kicks off the three-song EP with the dreamy Americana of “Fade,” and with an aesthetic that would fit side-by-side Wes Anderson films, he rides that wave into the title track, a moving serenade that flows back and forth between time signatures, the accompaniment of smooth synth and string-work and delicate acoustic fingerpicking. He caps the all-too-brief EP with the stunning tale of transcendence,  Hand in Hand.

Wilson grew up in the deserts of Arizona and the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and was inspired by the old cowboy and folk songs he heard in these places and a love for how those songs tell a story — something to pass on to others. “I wanted to create music that was just not for me, but for others going through similar experiences, and for the music to support us through those times, whether they be difficult or filled with joy.”

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