Black Market Translation ‘1.31’


Black Market Translation

The Denver trio Black Market Translation bills themselves as an improv punk band — “as far as we know, the world’s only.”

It’s a schtick that they’ve polished over the last few years with their 100 percent improvised Punketry events that they host at Mutiny Information Café, where they book four feature poets to have them read over their music. “It’s the loudest literary event in existence,” they claim.

All of those improvised nights helped to spawn the foundation for the tracks on 1.31 (as in January 31 — the day they finished recording the album). They had started recording only the day before at Magic Eye Tube Studios in Englewood, with a recording concept that was not unlike their Punketry gigs — they just happened to hit ‘record’ first, this time.

At times exploratory and spacey, other times sharp and bombastic, 1.31 is an exploration in instrumental punk that is as twisted as the concept itself, and that makes it delightfully alluring.

Mutiny Information Cafe | November 12
Antero Hall at Eck’s | November 30

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