Twin brother DJ/producers respond to their manager’s query ‘Have you ever considered Denver?’

Boulder Theater | November 1
Ogden Theatre | November 2


By Franz Hilberath

Zach and Charles Weinert loved living in Florida, but after 15 years they decided they needed a change. The identical twins grew up in Jacksonville, Fla., finding support and success around the state touring their own separate music projects. Zach was playing in a band called Greenhouse Lounge, while Charles had dipped into production and DJing, going under the moniker Sir Charles.

In 2012, the brothers decided to do the inevitable and join forces, dubbing their joint music project MZG, short for the scientific term for twins, “monozygotic.” Whereas in their previous endeavors they were solo or collaborating with a group, the brothers now benefited from an inseparable dynamic and “natural cohesiveness” that would help them surpass the threshold as successful artists.

Within a few short years, MZG made a name for itself in the state of Florida, providing a fresh, fun take on future bass music that emphasized the bass. Aside from the encouragement they were getting from Floridians, the boys also began to receive recognition from fellow artists who would tour the southeast and have them provide support. Early on, Zach and Charles had opened for acts like GRiZ and Herobust, but wanted to break the mold of a ‘support act’ and flourish on their own. In that mindset, they decided that the next logical step was to relocate out of Florida.

“Sometimes you gotta get out of your comfort zone,” said Zach, who caught up with The Marquee before the brothers hit Suwannee Hulaween in late October. “We have, and it’s been a pivotal part of our development.”

While the brothers’ initial plan was to relocate to Los Angeles, a common hub for aspiring musicians, the brothers’ new management at the time, Hawk’s Nest Music, helped spur the idea of moving out west to Colorado.

Whit Hawkins, the head of the management group, reached out to the boys in 2017 after seeing them perform at Hulaween, a festival where they are now resident performers. Hawkins was based in Fort Collins, and suggested MZG cut short their move out west and head to the Rockies instead.

“Once we accepted [a deal with Hawk’s Nest],” said Charles, “Part of our discussion was what was our next move. What was it going to be?” That’s when Hawkins posed the question, ‘Have you ever considered Denver?’

Admittedly, the Weinerts had not. Colorado presented a fun, hip option, but as far as their music aspirations they figured a move to California offered more for their careers. Learning that Colorado was a growing hub for bass music, the brothers packed up in March of 2018 and left their home. This would bring them closer to their new management team, but also expose them to the natural bliss of the Centennial State.

Living in Colorado helped open the brothers up to new perspectives and ideas for their music. Prior to the move, they thrived on making crisp future bass tunes, but were already beginning to experiment more and mature with their sound. Aside from the increasingly progressive bass scene, they are now surrounded by, the natural beauty — and elevation — has helped them evolve as producers.

“It’s very strange to come from Florida then make music [in Colorado,]” said Zach, who described how relocating has affected their outlook on music and creation. “We used to live in Evergreen and it was at 9,500 foot elevation. The way you perceive time is weird up there.”

But the oxygen-depleted air has resulted in even more forward-thinking production from the twins, like last month’s new track, “Pure Wilderness.” The track’s backing pulls from the boys’ new surroundings, adding in singing birds and running water for a natural, organic aesthetic, while dropping in enigmatic bass lines sets the stage of their evolution. The track also features a collab with Eliot Lipp, a longtime idol for Charles and one he cites as playing a “big role” in his development.

While these new influences add more excitement to their music, don’t expect them to lean one way or stick within the confines of specific genre. MZG, like every musician, is merely trying to create things that sound right to them. “It’s hard to make sense of what you’re creating at times,” said Zach, reflecting on what MZG is aiming for in the studio. “At a certain point, everybody is kind of winging it until they find that sense of what feels right.”

Seven years into the MZG project, the duo is finding that sweet spot in recent projects and show bookings that make them feel like things are coming “full circle.” The group was floored to return to Florida for a short tour and Hulaween in October, and they’ll head back to Colorado post-Halloween for an exciting run with bass music icon, Space Jesus. Space Jesus (real name Jasha Tull) is a longtime friend of the duo, one that Charles recalls meeting in 2013.

“I remember [Space Jesus and Zach] were touring for a while,” he said. “I met them in Gainesville on one of the legs of the tour. You could immediately tell right away Jasha was a special dude and he really cared about music. When you meet people like that, you coincide for a good reason.”

The relationship is one they’ve nurtured over the years, and when they return home to Denver in early November the duo will provide support at the Boulder Theater and Ogden Theatre, respectively. While the group has recently headlined their own sell-out in-state at venues like the Black Box, it’s these successful return endeavors, like opening for a friend or playing on a bigger stage at their home fest, that MZG really revels in.

“Years later, after the rise, the come up, the ups and downs, we’re playing a show with [Space Jesus] again and it feels good for sure.”

Boulder Theater | November 1
Ogden Theatre | November 2

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