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Post Paradise
Lonely Worlds

On the title track of Post Paradise’s fourth full-length record, Lonely Worlds, vocalist/guitarist Nick Duarte sings the line “I found my place, earned my name and I sing what I could never say.”

That line rings so very true in regards to the highly personal, autobiographical record that follows Duarte firsthand through the emotional journey of the struggles, victories and battles of unexpected depression.

Not specifically intended to be a concept album, once the songs were nearing completion there was no doubt to the band that the entirety of Lonely Worlds was one complete thought, almost like the opening of a narrative, chronological journal. Dealing with complex themes, like choice and regret, and well-trodden ideals like love and connection, Duarte over and over invokes first-person perspectives and poses questions to himself with lines like “Is this who I want to be,” from the track “Long Way Home,” or “It’s time that I come back to life,” from the song “I’ve Been Waiting.”

Recorded at the legendary Blasting Room in Fort Collins, CO and produced by Andrew Berlin (Gregory Alan Isakov, Rise Against), the four musicians made some definitive changes to their processes and sound with the addition of piano and synthesizer. And the group spent significant time on their vocals, blending all four member’s voices for a full, lush sound.

Lonely Worlds delivers an indie rock sound that highlights Duarte’s dynamic vocals and cutting guitar and combines it with the depth and beauty of Amy Morgan’s cello. Ranging from hard and driving modern rock to spacey, ambient soundscapes, Post Paradise’s sound is anchored by their rhythm section featuring Brian Zeiger on bass guitar and Ed Ziehm on drums.

Together the four musicians offer Lonely Worlds with echoes of indie poeticism, alternative rock, and classical music.

Hodi’s Half Note | November 15

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