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Big Gigantic
Free Your Mind

Big Gigantic has been anything but quiet for the last few years. The Boulder bangers have put out a ton of singles, remixes and collaborations and have placed music with over 50 major brands and networks from Apple, HULU and HBO, among others. But this month, with the release of Free Your Mind the live electronic monsters will release their first studio album in three years.

The album’s first single “Burning Love” feat. Kidepo shows saxophone player Dominic Lalli and drummer Jeremy Salken laying in the patented Big G flow of pop sensibilities coupled with club beats and funky world vibes. It’s an apt introduction to the album, which showcases yet another step forward for the duo’s evolution. The upbeat love song that draws upon their energetic disposition, driven by colorful synth work focusing on themes of sentiment and happiness, accentuates Kidepo’s soaring vocals making for a timeless anthem. The young Ugandan singer exerts soulful melodies onto the track that pairs with blissful keys and a generous dose of grooving saxophone.

In a statement about the release, Lalli and Salken said, “The newest single delves into the emotional rollercoaster that is navigating romantic love and the trials and tribulations that come with taking that kind of plunge.”

It’s pretty elevated subject matter for a dance-party soundtrack. But, as Lalli told Billboard recently, there’s a maturation going on in the EDM scene, as well as in Big G itself. “I feel like a few years ago, [the scene]was more ridiculous and goofy and everybody was figuring out what was going on with electronic music and not taking it super seriously. With everything that’s happening in the world now, everything’s so freaking crazy, and I feel like a lot of people are turning inward for growth, but also looking out at other people and finding things that inspire them and trying to figure out how we can put our best foot forward.”

While that’s a lofty ambition for any band, let alone an escapist staple like Big Gigantic, Salken and Lalli aren’t doing all of the heavy lifting on their own. Free Your Mind emphasizes uplifting, expansive soul vocals through 13-tracks featuring artists like Pell, Felly, TOBi, Jennifer Hartswick, Louis Futon and The Funk Hunters, among others, in an effort, as Lalli put it, to enact a group mindset. “Right now we know we have some work to do, and that we have to get everybody on the same page,” he told Billboard. “Things [in the world]are not moving in the direction that we necessarily thought they would, and we really need to get everyone together with a group mindset to enact change in the world. And if we can do it through music, let’s do it.”

The album’s first three singles have explored many different themes and human emotions —  Self-love (“You’re The One” feat. Nevve), friendship and intimate relationships (“Friends” feat. Ashe), and living with deep gratitude for the present moment (“Where I Wanna Be”).

Free Your Mind is about exploring all of the different things that make us human — the things that connect us to ourselves and to each other — so that we can get to know our true selves and live our greatest lives without anything holding us back,” said Lalli and Salken.

In addition to announcing Free Your Mind this month, the live electronic pioneers are bringing back their 3D Live Experience tour in a massive way with a 26-date tour culminating with the band’s 12th headlining date at Red Rocks with new ROWDYTOWN dates hitting New York while also expanding to Los Angeles and San Francisco.

The fully immersive experience, powered by the Epic Unreal game engine, will guide the audience on an out of this world journey featuring live stereoscopic 3D cameras exploring a loose three-act narrative with story elements and characters. Co-Founder of 3D Live Ryan Pardeiro said “This will make it feel like the performance is exploding in the air right over the audience’s heads.”

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