Briffaut ‘A Maritime Odyssey: Heaven Is Only A Boat Race Away’


A Maritime Odyssey: Heaven Is Only A Boat Race Away

When they don’t completely destroy bands, band fistfights are the best. According to guitarist/ vocalist Dan Eaton,  the story behind A Maritime Odyssey started when he and bandmate Dan ‘Bad Dan’ Mikolajcyk came to blows over the set sequence of a live show.

“We both felt passionately in different ways, which led to ‘Bad Dan’ quitting. With just Alex [Koshak] and me, there was a feeling that Briffaut was over, so we started making a song from our hearts, not caring if it was a “Briffaut” song or not. We delved into sonic territory we’d never been to. That song turned out to be ‘Creature.’ ‘Bad Dan’ joined us one more time for the release show for HELSINKI. Inspired by love, friendship, and a new musical direction, he officially rejoined the band and we went on to make the rest of the album as a mutual team — something that was brand new for Briffaut.”

A Maritime Odyssey is a trippy, occasionally subdued, occasionally bombastic, Flaming Lips-esque twisting story of violence, breakups, drugs, surprises, murder, and sex!

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