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Colorado Crew

Denvoid Part 2
By Bob Rob Medina

In 2015, with the release of Denvoid and the Cowtown Punks, Bob Rob Medina assembled an encyclopedia worth of information about the ’80s punk scene in Denver.

With interviews of musicians, narratives of scenesters and an enormous collection of old handbills and posters, Denvoid put forth a lovingly detailed account of those days.

Medina stated at the time that he never intended the book to be an anthology. This isn’t attempting to be the defining word in Denver’s rich punk history; it is simply an introduction, as we all have our own story to tell,” he wrote when Part 1  was released.

But now, with the release of The Colorado Crew: Denvoid Part 2, Medina and his cohort Sonny Kay have told the second part of the story and in doing so have bridged the gap to let others tell their own stories of the Denver punk scene from 1982 through 1996.

Part 2 enlists Sonny Kay’s talents to create a visual odyssey of images and interviews. The book features bands, record labels, artists, writers, entrepreneurs, academics, photographers, promoters, Grammy nominees, culture jammers, and media influencers. The list of who’s who included in Part 2 is astonishing and seems to touch on everyone who contributed so much as a note, a beer or even a nod to their scene at their defacto clubhouse Wax Trax.

“I think each punk scene globally is special to that time and place,” Medina recently told Westword. “I wanted to capture that. I wasn’t a writer and barely an artist, but I had a dream of capturing my youth through the bands I saw, the people I met, and the places I hung out at. I believed Denver had an interesting, wildly creative and provocative underground music scene.

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