Drune ‘Seer’



Drune, Denver’s newest addition to the slow and low genre, is a trek through crushing doom and earth-shifting sludge rifts anchored by moments of psychedelic contemplation.

The group said that they began with one goal — to get lost in big amps and walls of fuzz. Mission accomplished. Their debut three-song, 25-minute EP Seer is a swampy, meditative trudge through classic metal themes, but it’s not an arrow-straight road through that landscape. The three-piece, made up of guitarist/vocalist James Cook, bassist Austin Pacharz and drummer Patrick Haga don’t simply hold the wheel straight for the whole EP. The group weaves (slowly) from side to side, like a dangerously over-served motorist, knocking out long fuzzy riffs like they were wayward mailboxes.

Drawing on paths carved out by genre-originators like Sleep and Earth, Drune showcases grinding, melodic warrior cries calling to action the story of a wandering traveler cast into visions of great galaxy-keepers bringing forth fate and changing ages.

The songs, “fueled by many ales and herbs,” are deliberate, moving and a cathartic reminder of all that can be done with very few beats per minute.

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