Lief Sjostrom ‘Boyish Dreams of Heroic Deeds’


Lief Sjostrom
Boyish Dreams of Heroic Deeds

In mid-January, Lief Sjostrom, moved from Denver to California, but considering this latest EP was written, recorded and released while he was a Denverite, it still qualifies as a local release. And it qualifies as a beautiful release no matter where he lives.

For Boyish Dreams of Heroic Deeds, Sjostrom takes his cinematic one-man-band post-rock and brings in elements that he hasn’t yet explored on his expansive solo catalog.

“When I first started writing music as a solo artist, I limited myself to the two instruments with which I’m most comfortable — cello and guitar, but with this EP, I felt it was time to expand my voice beyond just the two instruments and the loop pedal. For the first time, I’ve used percussion in my recordings by programming percussion in Logic X myself. I also used piano on the track ‘Light Pollution,’ and I started using octave effects to achieve lower notes and bigger sounds.  The result of my expansion into percussion and a wider range of instruments and sounds is six tracks that are all unique from each other as the additional elements nudged each track further into its own unique direction, making the listening experience of this EP less congruent.”

These six tracks, however, exhibit a wide range of genres and emotions from exuberant, post-rock in “Kintsugi” to sludge-metal in “Boyish Dreams of Heroic Deeds” to avant-garde jazz/metal in “Light Pollution” to sleepy electronica in “First Snow In A Long, Long Time” all while sharing the dramatic, cinematic feeling that defines Sjostrom’s sound.

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