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Pink Fuzz

Vitals, by definition, are the parts essential to continued functioning and existence. “This album very much represents that to us,” said John Demitro. “Breaking things down to the essentials or better yet what the essentials are in our lives; as a whole this EP is documentation of us navigating relationships, rejection, self-doubt, challenges, and at the end of the day what it is in life that we need. The title of the album aptly fit.”

Demitro, who formed the band with his sister LuLu and drummer Forrest Raup, said that Vitals [their fourth album, which they released just before the 2019 holiday season]also refers to the tone of the Fender Rhodes on the song “Needles” which sounds eerily similar to a vitals monitor in a hospital.

The group’s 2018 release Speed Demon was recorded in just two days, despite the fact that they spent a wealth of time in post-production experimenting with different tones, sounds and arrangements. For Vitals though, they focused on spontaneity. “We recorded it very fast with small seeds of ideas going into the studio. What ended up on the record was a good amount of improvised in-the-moment chemistry,” Demitro said. “There’s an energy to the album that makes it very exciting every time you listen to it because of that. We only spent two full days of tracking with very minimal overdubbing. Our goal was to aim for the sound of what you would hear live. Fuzzed out guitar, bombastic drums, barbwire -esque growling bass, and intricate melodic sibling vocal lines and harmonies.”

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