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Alexa Wildish
Alexa Wildish

Alexa Wildish began voice lessons at the age of five, started classical voice training at seven, and went on to study musical theater through high school at Orange County School of the Arts and then at Elon University. She was on a path that was supposed to lead to Broadway, that is until, in her early twenties, when she went to see Nickel Creek and The Wailin’ Jennys. “Hearing that music made something in my whole being come alive. My heart was fully ablaze and something shifted in me,” she said.

After years of performing other people’s music, she was ready to make her own. While she started her songwriter journey in Portland, she moved to Boulder a few years ago, and — as one does in Boulder — learned the way forward was through embracing vulnerabilities. Her music turned from vague stories about life’s lessons and focused on the rawness of the “why” underneath.

The result of this new-found writing manifested itself on her self-titled EP. As a result of her background and experience — from formal classical and musical theater training to a soulful connection to folk and country — Wildish’s music is both subtle and dramatic. Big instrumentation weaves through her lyrical expressions. She describes it as akin to a “hummingbird — one of the smallest creatures, yet seldom unnoticed in its vastness.”

She recorded the EP at Goosehead Palace in Nashville with Dan Knobler and Russell Durham co-producing. With support from a Nashville house band, Wildish’s debut comes alive with top-notch musicianship. And thanks to a connection of Knobler’s, Wildish was able to have Ruth Moody of The Wailin’ Jennys — one of the very people who nudged her life-path onto a different trajectory — sing back-up vocals on the record.

Lost Lake | March 26

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