Brian F. Johnson

Brian F. Johnson worked as a newspaper reporter for 12 years from Philadelphia, Pa. to Petersburg, Alaska, before leaving the world of corporate journalism to start The Marquee. Johnson has had a guitar since he was 12 years old, but he’s much, much better at playing his iPod. He listens to a wide array of music but these days embraces rock and alt-country the most. His wife, Jess, and daughters Taylor, Bayley and Nakai, as well as his two dogs, are his inspiration. By the way, the “F.” stands for Forbes. Recent Stories by Brian F. Johnson >>


Timothy Dwenger

Timothy Dwenger –Senior contributing writer Timothy Dwenger (who, for the record has written more cover stories for The Marquee than any other writer) lives in Denver with his wife Lindsay and is an avid live music fan. Dwenger tries to get to as many shows as he can while still staying gainfully employed as a Federal Proposal Manager for Level 3 Communications. He specializes in Graphic and Information Design and while it is mostly the proposal development work that pays the bills, he also does some concert poster design and takes on other freelance projects as they come. On the music front, Dwenger listens to just about anything that comes his way, from jazz to electronica, folk to funk, he’ll give just about anything a try. He also hosts his own blog: Recent Stories from Timothy Dwenger >

Joe Kovack

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Tiffany Childs

Tiffany Childs – Senior writer You can find Tiffany Child’s writings all over the Denver scene in places like The Marquee or Reverb and the Denver Post blog. She also created and runs a blog dedicated to the musical happenings in the Denver area. When Childs isn’t writing, you can find her riding with her bike gang The Patsy Leotards, drinking champagne and causing a ruckus or traveling to exotic locales such as Costa Rica, Poland and East Colfax Boulevard. Recent Stories from Tiffany Childs >>


Jonathan Keller

Jonathan Keller – Senior writer/CD Reviewer Jonathan Keller has lived in Boulder for 10 years and is an enthusiast of the outdoors, music, art and baseball. After graduating with honors from the University of Colorado’s Journalism program in 2002 he has spent the past 5 years in publishing. He specializes in client and project management and is currently the Senior Account Manager for West Coast Operations for CMP Media, a global business media company. In his spare time he maintains a music blog and writes and records original music: and Recent Stories by Jonathan Keller >>


Alex Samuel

Alex Samuel – Editorial Assistant Marquee readers were first introduced to Alex Samuel as “the intern” that went off to “makeup camp” and hangs around “The Hill.” But that is only half right. Alex Samuel is long since an intern — even in the world of The Marquee. She returned home to New York in May of 2007 and now works as a beauty reporter on the edge of Times Square. She has hopeless bed head, enjoys gummy bears and tug-of-war, and is always looking for a good career retrospective music video. Samuel is also convinced that while she never met Ryan Adams, that his song “Sylvia” Plath is about her.

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Molly Chappell

Molly Chappell – Contributing Writer Molly Chappell loves rice, especially rice with raw fish on top. Her favorite recent shows include Avett Bros., Flaming Lips, Daft Punk, and Neil Young. Locally, my favorites are the Hollyfelds, Devotchka, Station Agents, and The Legendary River Drifters (formerly Malas Semillas). Her guilty pleasures include watching Who’s the Boss, listening to Ace of Base, and playing foosball. Molly has been in love with The Marquee since 2003 when she first saw it and started handing it out after shows. The rest of the time, she works as an instructional designer.

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Marisa Beahm

Marisa Beahm – Contributing Writer Marisa Beahm is currently putting her love of words to work as the business reporter for the Loveland Daily Reporter-Herald. She graduated in spring 2007 from the University of Colorado-Boulder. Just weeks after graduating, she hopped a plane to Budapest, Hungary, where she indulged her wanderlust, taught English and wrote for Business Hungary and Where Budapest magazines. She also has freelanced for Denver Life and American Cowboy magazines. She’s temporarily settled back in Colorado, waiting for her next adventure. When not conducting interviews, her headphones are usually in, blasting classic Motown, Ryan Adams, Fiona Apple, Imogen Heap, Carbon Leaf or Regina Spektor.
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Lisa Siciliano

Lisa Siciliano – Contributing Photographer Lisa Siciliano first picked up a camera in 2000. Around 2001 she began shooting live music, and now focuses primarily on black and white retro concert photography. In 2005 she launched and added weddings, portraits and bar mitzvahs to her repertoire. Siciliano hosts an annual show of her rock and roll work in Boulder dubbed Rocking in a Winter Wonderland. Her client list includes companies as varied as Southwest Airlines, Gibson Guitars and Red Rocks Amphitheater. While her lens is professionally pointed at musicians, the majority of her archives are of her photogenic 6 year-old daughter Isabella and her husband Jacques.


Karen Schneider

Karen Schneider – Contributing Writer Karen Schneider is from Keaau, HI and currently lives in Boulder with her fiancé Jay and the best dog in the whole world, Delilah. She loves all music, but especially southern rock, blues, and jazz. During the week you will find her running the trade show program for Lynne Rienner Publishers. On the weekend you will find her outside hiking or snowshoeing … or at a show.

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Kathy Foster-Patton — Contributing Writer

Kathy Foster-Patton is a business woman and a bluegrass musician, in addition to being a writer for The Marquee. Foster-Patton works at a start-up company in Westminster and plays the upright bass every spare minute. She has in a band called, Steel Pennies. Their repertoire includes old-time string music, straight-ahead bluegrass, alt. country, and a bunch of original tunes written by the talented guys in the band. She happens to be married to the banjo player of the group and together they listen to all kinds of music: jazz, blues, and rock in addition to the kind that they play in their band.
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Brandon Daviet — Contributing Writer

As a music journalist Brandon Daviet, who also writes under the name DJ Hippie, has attended more concerts and owns more CD’s than you can shake a stick at. He has been writing about music for well over ten years. As a connoisseur of many types of music Daviet’s philosophy is “a good song is a good song” no matter what style. His head is filled with musical knowledge and frequently receives calls from his friends who whish to pry his brain for obscure musical facts. Daviet’s favorite bands are The Black Crowes, Digital Underground, The Geto Boys, Guns N’ Roses and the Rolling Stones.
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Brandon Yates

Brandon Yates – Co-founder Brandon Lee Yates has lived within a 50 mile of radius of nearly every town in the South. He helped begin The Marquee with Brian Johnson. Yates then married his beautiful wife Michele and the two ran off to Texas, where Yates now works for StubHub. He’s no longer officially affiliated with The Marquee, but from time-to-time calls in with funny stories and his hilarious Southern accent. (And we’re still scarred from appearances of his alter-ego Randall Pink Floyd – shown above.)