Brian F. Johnson

Brian F. Johnson worked as a newspaper reporter for 12 years from Philadelphia, Pa. to Petersburg, Alaska, before leaving the world of corporate journalism to start The Marquee. Johnson has had a guitar since he was 12 years old, but he’s much, much better at playing his iPod. He listens to a wide array of music but these days embraces rock and alt-country the most. His wife, Jess, and daughters Taylor, Bayley and Nakai, as well as his two dogs, are his inspiration. By the way, the “F.” stands for Forbes. Recent Stories by Brian F. Johnson >>


Timothy Dwenger

Timothy Dwenger –Senior contributing writer Timothy Dwenger (who, for the record has written more cover stories for The Marquee than any other writer) lives in Denver with his wife Lindsay and is an avid live music fan. Dwenger tries to get to as many shows as he can while still staying gainfully employed as a Federal Proposal Manager for Level 3 Communications. He specializes in Graphic and Information Design and while it is mostly the proposal development work that pays the bills, he also does some concert poster design and takes on other freelance projects as they come. On the music front, Dwenger listens to just about anything that comes his way, from jazz to electronica, folk to funk, he’ll give just about anything a try. He also hosts his own blog: Recent Stories from Timothy Dwenger >