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  • Brian F. Johnson
    Marquee Music, Inc.
    P.O. Box 889
    Boulder, CO 80306

(About Us)

  • The Marquee is an independent, Colorado-based, FREE music magazine.
  • The Marquee strives to be the Farmer’s Almanac of the regional music scene — providing readers with facts, tid-bits, in-depth feature stories and a Calendar section that is unparalleled on Colorado’s Front Range, covering every live music venue from large venues such as Red Rocks Amphitheatre to small clubs and coffee shops.
  • The Marquee Calendar is the most thorough listing available anywhere of area venues large and small, local and national acts, and all genres of music. From January 2006 to December 2006, the Calendar section listed over 11,000 concert performances on the Front Range alone! In 2007, that number grew to over 12,000. That’s a figure that puts The Marquee calendar head and shoulders above “industry standard” calendars in print or on the Web.
  • The Calendar also makes The Marquee a publication that readers pick up several times per month, stretching your advertising dollars as it provides numerous opportunities for readers to view your ad. According to a recent reader survey, 94% of Marquee readers rely on the Calendar section to determine live music choices on any given night.
  • The Marquee is printed monthly with an estimated readership of 27,000 per month. Copies are distributed at tested target areas where the concentration of our readership and your target audience is at its highest.
  • Distribution ranges from Colorado Springs to Fort Collins (including Denver and Boulder). The Marquee is “stacked” alongside other free publications at more than 500 locations along the Front Range. Additionally, the magazine is distributed at concerts where Marquee Street Teamers put the magazine right into the hands of concert goers.
  • The Marquee’s target readers are 18 to 39 year olds, ranging from college students to young professionals. The Marquee is also heavily read by music industry personnel ranging from musicians to publicists and promoters. Select concert distribution can also target more specific demographics (see your advertising representative for details).
  • The Marquee is an independent, locally owned business that embraces good neighbor and good business ideals. The Marquee is a strong supporter of local programs and non-profit organizations (such as e-town, Rock the Vote, Rock the Earth and The Mark Vann Foundation).
  • The Marquee’s retention is 92%, meaning that 92% of our readers take their copy of the magazine with them after picking it up. One-third of our readers, according to a recent survey, never discard their copy.
  • In the fall of 2003, The Marquee launched www.marqueemag.com. Now the site is averaging over 100,000+ visits per month (an average of 3,000+ visits per day), with a devoted base of regular visitors.

(About our Readers)

Readership info


  • Print: 27,000 per month

– Special issues are more (e.g., September
“Back-to-School” issue is 34,000)

  • Online: 100,000 visits per month


  • Colorado’s Front Range, including Denver,

Boulder, Fort Collins and Colorado Springs

  • Stacked at 375 + locations


  • 58% male: 42% female

– Mostly single (80%) and without children
(13% with children)

  • Almost exclusively 18-39 years of age (91%)
  • Largest age group is 26-29 (34%)
  • Highly Educated

– 94% at least some college (including
current students)
– 68% college degree or above

Music Interests

  • Money spent on music

– 75% spend at least $1000 per annum
– 40% spend at least $3000 per annum

  • Concert attendance

– 94% attend at least one concert per month
– 20% attend 10+ concerts per month
– Over 50% attend 5+ concerts per month

  • Concert Travel

– 90% travel to other towns for concerts
– 80% travel to other states for concerts

  • Musically inclined readership

– About one-half of readers are guitarists
and/or vocalists, in addition to most readers
playing at least some type of instrument
– Nearly one-quarter of readers are currently
in a band

Other interests

  • Specific interests

– 70%: hiking and camping
– 58%: snow sports
– 47%: running/jogging

  • Eating out

– Over 80% eat out 2+ times/week
– 40%+ eat out 3+ times/week

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  • Brian F. Johnson
    Marquee Music, Inc.
    P.O. Box 889
    Boulder, CO 80306