E! music director lends advice to indie bands on how to get their music heard


E! music director lends advice to indie bands on how to get their music heard

By Ryan Williams for Indianapolismusic.net

There’s no such thing as a typical day for Chris Jackson, music director for the E! Entertainment network.

Jackson says his normal day’s activities can range from getting clearance from Suge Knight for a track to be played on “True Hollywood Stories” to contracting a composition for the network’s “Wild On!” series. Most of these tracks do come from major label bands, although Jackson says that independent artists are starting to see a larger share of the time. He estimates that ten to twenty percent of E!’s music comes from indie labels and artists, and he sees that time increasing.

Jackson said the key to getting noticed is to “Be very, very good. If you’re good, if you pay attention to your craft, you will get noticed.” Jackson recommends comparing your work to major label releases and notable indie labels like Saddle Creek, Victory and Merge. “If you can’t be objective, get someone who can be.” He adds that indie artists shouldn’t worry about using tricks to get noticed. Jackson keeps music on file, and he says that music directors and supervisors do keep in touch and share information, so it’s important to network and build relationships. Something one director can’t use might get passed on to another.

Once the song is chosen, there is the question of how to license the music and what the artist gets paid. Jackson said, “There is no standard for licensing agreements,” but that there are consistencies among peer groups of artists.

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