From the barstool of the publisher, September 2005


From the barstool of the publisher

May I have the envelope please …

I know it sounds trite, but it truly does bring us great pleasure to present this issue of The Marquee to you.

This is our biggest issue ever, due mostly to the fact that for the first time, The Marquee has taken the opportunity to acknowledge the best, brightest, loudest and coolest entities in the local music scene, with our inaugural Front-Row-Center Awards.

It’s an issue that has been a long time in coming, and one that pitted us against each other, with all of us arguing for who we personally thought should have been chosen for each category. From bands to venues to other music-related establishments, the staff of The Marquee left no stone un-turned to reveal those businesses and bands that go above and beyond to be part of the music scene, or simply to be good at their jobs.

It was a fun and sometimes brutal selection process, and we had a friggin’ blast putting it together.

Speaking of putting it all together, we must now take the time to acknowledge a few folks who did not receive awards but should have — our most amazing staff.

This issue was grueling for them, and they all rose to the challenge to deliver it to you. In particular, our interns Alex Samuel, Yvette Rebik and Page Bayless worked overtime on this month’s Marquee. Without their help, this issue would still be just a bunch of crummy files on a computer. Additionally, our copy editor Bruce Lish read and re-read all of this until his eyes nearly popped out.  To them, and to our writers, we owe a huge thank you.

This month is also exciting for us, as it marks our involvement with Telluride Blues and Brews and The South Park Music Festival.

Working with the folks at both festivals has been an awesome experience. It’s gotten us pumped and reaffirmed our belief that the Front Range is truly the best place in the world for a music fan.

In addition, our multiple ‘liquid meetings’ with South Park executive director Matt Fecher got us so excited that it’s no wonder we dedicated so much time to covering his festival. (We’ll forget about the fact that Fecher never got us that helicopter to fly into South Park during the festival. Hey, there’s always next year.)

So, if you’re new to the Front Range, back for another year of school, or if you never left, let The Marquee be your guide to get you through rest of the year.

See you at the shows.

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